Sophia Hartell

    In 1996 Sophia began intensive study into the integration of alternative medicine, body awareness, nutrition and holistic health practices, with the immersion into the study of traditional Chinese medicine at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine inManhattan. She graduated in 1999 and began working in the area of pain management through acupuncture. In 2003 she expanded her knowledge by completing the Hatha yoga teacher training program at Serenity Yoga in Long Beach, NY, and in 2006 completed her certification as a Kundalini yoga instructor from Kundalini East in Manhattan. Her path toward teaching Pilates has been a long one. After working with Jenna Derosa, founder of South Pilates personally for 2 years as a client, Sophia was finally able to carve out time professionally and dedicate herself to the 18 months it would take to convert her skills as a client to one of an instructor.

    Upon completing the apprenticeship program at South Shore Pilates, Sophia has been able to integrate her anatomical knowledge from her acupuncture practice, teaching experience in the practice of yoga and her love for Pilates to become a well-loved instructor at South Shore.

    Sophia has employed her professional and life experience by teaching Kundalini Yoga and administering acupuncture at the counseling unit of the NYC fire dept in the area of substance abuse and trauma counseling using the NADA protocol. She also worked for the AIDS center of Queens County and interned at the Fortune Society in Manhattan assisting parolees in their challenge with substance abuse.

    Sophia has continued her journey into the leading edge of the practice of acupuncture through the School of Classical Five-Element Acupuncture Santa Monica California and is currently practicing in Accord, Livingston Manor, and New York City, New York