What is it?

Pilates is a system of exercise that strengthens and tones the body while increasing flexibility and improving posture. Emphasizing controlled fluid movements the method focuses on proper alignment of body-forms choosing quality of movement over quantity. The non-impact resistance used in Pilates allows for a challenging workout that is easy on the joints. Gentle enough to be therapeutic or intense enough to challenge a professional athlete. Pilates promises optimal strength and flexibility while relieving stress and strain associated with daily rigors of life.

Features and benefits of Pilates

- Improved core stability and balance
- Enhanced performance in sports and daily activities
- Increased flexibility, mobility and agility
- Flattering and more defined abdominals
- Stronger, longer, leaner muscles

How do I begin?

Body Lanugage Studio offers group classes in:

- Pilates mat work
- Hatha and Kundalini Yoga

As well as Private sessions on state of the art Pilates equipment including:

- V2max/Rehab-Reformer
- Stability chair
- Arc barrel
- Bosu/Foam Roller/Stability Ball